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Elysium Signed Paperback

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Book 5 in the Soothsayer Series

What's Included:

Elysium - Signed Paperback

Book Description:
No battle is won alone and no war is fought without heartbreak. In this final epic showdown, some will live, some will die and some will be changed forever.

Violet finds herself on a deadly path when her soul is at odds with The Lady of The Lake. Unable to coexist, Violet's at risk of losing everything she's sacrificed for.

As Violet goes head to head with the woman who’s meant to save them all, Morgana is hell bent on thrusting the Magical world out of the shadows. Forging ahead, she assembles an army, slaughtering anyone who dares to stand against her nefarious plan.

In the epic conclusion to The Soothsayer Series, Violet and the Maxwell’s must embrace their destiny and fight to the death if they want to save not only the ones they love, but the world as they know it.