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Le Fay Signed Paperback

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Book 4 in the Soothsayer Series

What's Included:

Le Fay, A Soothsayer Novella - Signed Paperback

Book Description:
A warrior and every mans equal.

Morgana's return from darkness propels her forward as she imposes her authority by any means necessary. In her search to find The Pieces of Three, blood will run freely and the truth will claw its way out of the shadows.

With the soul of the Magical world at a cross-roads, Morgana claims her rightful place on Avalon and her true ambitions come to light. Will her quest to unleash the shadows and stand in the light of history be rewarded this time, or will she be sent back to the darkness?

One thing is certain, she will fight until the bitter end for power, justice and above all vengeance.