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Realm of Flames & Steel - Paperback

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Signed Paperback copy of Realm of Flames & Steel

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Kara wants her Freedom. Sigurd wants the truth. Neither are prepared to get what they want.


When Kara, Valkyrie of the nine realms, falls in love with Sigurd, the unstoppable Viking of Midgard, she never expects to betray him and end his mortal life. But his death is just the beginning.

After one hundred years of exile, Kara returns to Folkvang, setting in motion the battle for the soul of the nine realms. She will have to come face to face with the man she betrayed and the truth about why she killed him.

Gaining her freedom from the past and winning over Sigurd will prove to be more difficult than ever as the bodies start to pile up around them.


The eyes of the woman who killed him still haunt his dreams. When Kara shows up in Folkvang, all he wants is the truth about what happened that day.

But the truth is rarely simple, and the more questions he asks, the bigger the rift becomes between them. But with the shadow of war on the horizon, everything he thought he knew will be turned on its head.

If Ragnarok is to be avoided, Kara and Sigurd will have to put their past aside or risk losing everything and everyone they’ve ever cared about.