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Studio One Orchestral Template Toolbar

A custom macro toolbar page for working with large library templates in Studio One 5

This macro page contains 31 macros, 4 groups and one menu containing the sample library lists. For an overview of the macros, watch the demo video.

There's no magic about it, it just gives you some ideas to use the new track filter/search/management commands in Studio One 5.1. You can easily build this toolbar yourself. But if you want to save some work, just load this Orchestra Template Tools into Studio One and start composing.

  • "Show / Hide Tracks" group with the most important commands: Show All, Hide All, Show/Hide Selected, Hide Empty
  • "Show Tracks with ..." group with custom "Show Tracks with Events" macro
  • Undo & Redo buttons for easier access
  • Instrument Sections group for quick recall of predefined sections in folders (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussions, Choir)
  • Directly navigate to instruments (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussions, Choir, Piano)
  • Instantly show tracks with different Sample Library developers
  • 18 sample library developers and search texts included covering over 100 sample libraries (e.g. libraries by ProjectSAM, Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, Cinesamples, Performance Samples, Eduardo Tarilonte, Strezov Sampling, Chris Hein, Sonuscore, VSL, East West, Heavyocity, Soundiron, Embertone, 8Dio, Audio Imperia, Best Service, Cinematic Studio Series, Native Instruments)
  • Customize the buttons to your needs and simply duplicate the macros to add your own libraries or instruments
  • This Orchestral Template Toolbar is supposed to be used with your own orchestra template. It does NOT contain any folders and tracks since everybody has another set of sample libraries so everybody's orchestra template is different.

  1. Open the Macro Toolbar in Studio One
  2. Click the panel above the Page menu or right-click the menu itself
  3. Click Import and choose the .macropage file
  4. Open the menu and select "Orch Template Tools"

Click the image to show it in fullscreen.

Free Demo Macros
  • Click "preview" at the top right to download 4 free macros that show you how I made this toolbar
  • Copy them into your Studio One Macros folder. Now you can use the 4 macros in Studio One
  • If you want to support me or if you want to save some work and use my complete toolbar, you can buy it here

System Requirements:
  • Studio One 5.1 or higher
  • Windows or MacOS

Feedback I got via e-mail and YouTube:

» The toolbar works great and really fits into Studio One's workflow. Very easy to use. «

» Great little but helpful package. I added my own icons and some more options. Your packages inspired me to learn tweaking and working with macros in Studio One. «

» Thanks for the macros and depiction on how to build very simple but useful macros in Studio One 5.1 and later. These just work. I've set up macros now to view strings / woodwinds / brass / vocals / synth / piano tracks, and created a developer pull-down, too. «

» Your Orchestral Template Toolbar is fantastic! And the Music Editing Macros. Please keep up the great content! «

» Well worth your effort. Installation was a breeze. «

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