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Wicked Dreams ebook (TechWitch Book 4)

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I thought finding out I'm a witch and being hunted by a demon was bad enough. Turns out the magical world has more surprises in store…


Maggie Lachlan thought she'd figured the TechWitch thing out. Navigating how to be a new witch and the girlfriend of one of the richest men on the planet—virtual reality genius Damon Riley—wasn't exactly easy, but she was getting the job done.


But then the Fae decided to return to San Francisco to help guard the human realm and one of their oldest powers decided Maggie needed to learn to hunt demons their way.


She doesn't need a warning from the Cestis—the witches who keep the magical peace—to understand the risks. Anyone who's read a fairy tale knows the Fae realm is dangerous. But the chance to defeat the demons for good isn't something she can pass up. Now she's dating a billionaire and trying to learn both human and Fae magic. It's a lot. Even before an old and deadly magic starts stalking San Francisco's nights.


If she's wants to survive, she's going to have master her powers, take all the help she can get from the Fae and the witches, and face down the darkness trying to turn her dreams to nightmares…


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