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The Wolf Within ebook (Wild Side Book 1)

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A vampire killed my family. A werewolf broke my heart. Now both of them are back.

Ashley Keenan wants a normal life. She keeps her supernatural clients happy and keeps her head down. Usually, a werewolf in her office is business as usual. But not when that werewolf is FBI Agent Daniel Gibson. Her ex. The man she’s never quite forgotten but can never have. Worse, he has some very bad news.

The vampire who murdered her family is coming after her. And the FBI needs Ash’s help to stop him. It’s her chance at revenge but it means facing every nightmare from her past and spending every day with Dan. He’s as irresistible as he ever was, but she knows humans who date werewolves don’t stay human.

It’s a fight to guard her heart and her life. And to survive she might have to learn to love her inner monster…

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