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Healing + Intuition – Unlock Your Abilities in 60 Days or Less

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  • Online Course for Highly Sensitive Empaths.

  • Be Your Own Guru – ​Unlock Your Intuitive Abilities + Healing Gifts in 60 Days or Less!
  • Lifetime Access to Course + any future live Q&As!

Course Summary

You'll learn everything you need to do psychic readings + energy healing at home.

Taught by professional psychic + energy healer with 20+ years experience.

Specifically designed for highly sensitive empaths.

Find your own voice + uncover your unique gifts.

Give the gift of insight + energy healing – to yourself, friends + family.

You will build confidence + strong foundations as a reader + energy healer.

Disclaimer: Side effects may be personal + professional transformation.

How The Course Works

After completing the Pre-Course Preparation, the course Modules are:

  • 1.0 Fundamentals of Healing + Intuition
  • 2.0 Know Your Psychic Toolkit
  • 3.0 Energy Healing + The Human Energy Field
  • 4.0 How to Improve Your Skills + Gifts
  • 5.0 Ethics + Good Practice for Intuitive Healing
  • 6.0 Build Your Confidence + Mindset

The course is a combination of theoretical concepts, step-by-step guides + practical exercises.

Lessons within each Module are delivered in easy-to-digest:

  • Short videos
  • PDF Step by Step Guides
  • Audio exercises
  • Worksheets + Student Notes

Learning is a combination of

  • Watching videos
  • Taking notes
  • Doing the exercises

  • A daily practice (5 minutes), preferably in the morning
  • To get results, you will also need to practice giving readings + energy healing to friends + family.

Who is this Course for?

 This course is for you if:

  • You are a highly sensitive empath.
  • You want to open up + accelerate spiritually, intuitively + energetically.
  • You have a sincere wish to help yourself – and maybe others.
  • You want a safe, grounded + stable learning path + teacher.
  • You want to create firm ethical foundations for future intuitive exploration.
  • You are familiar with me + my work (optional).

Who is this Course not for?

This course is not for you if:

  • You are a skeptic or spiritually closed.
  • You expect a secret sauce hack to instantly enable intergalactic spiritual powers.
  • You're in crisis, instability or recent trauma.
  • My current therapy clients cannot be live students.
  • This course does not certify you to work professionally with the public but can enhance existing qualifications.

    * Contact me for certification options: info @ helloamygarner. com

What You Get:

You will immediately get a PDF download with a link + password to access the Preparation Module.

This will be followed shortly after by log-in details for the main Members Area + your free Bonuses.

Course Content:

  • Guided Meditation Techniques for new Healers + Readers
  • How to Set Up Your Space
  • Intention, Connection + Disconnection
  • Grounding + the Root Chakra
  • Using The Heart Chakra for Healing
  • Cleansing + Clearing to Remove Spirits + Negativity
  • 7 Psychic Tools Explained with Experiential Exercises
  • Practices to Develop Your Psychic Senses
  • How to Do Intuitive Readings – for yourself, as well as in-person + remote for others
  • What Questions to Ask
  • Future Prediction
  • How to Build Trust + Rapport
  • Ethics: Guiding Principles + Your Mission Statement
  • Connect with Higher Self, Angels, Guides + Ancestors, Source Energy
  • The 7 Planes of Consciousness
  • How to Protect Yourself, Connect + Stay Spiritually Safe
  • How to Raise Your Vibration + Become a Clear Channel
  • HSP Self Care, the Nervous System + Energy Management
  • Mental Health Issues + Dependency
  • Using White Light for Positive Outcomes
  • Exactly How to Do Ethical Energy Healing for Yourself, Friends + Family
  • How to Heal the Chakra System + Human Energy Field
  • Confidence + Mindset for new healers + intuitives
  • Belief Work: How to Identify + Heal Limiting Beliefs
  • Clear Mental Interference + Gain Confidence in Your Abilities

  • Access to Any Future Live Q&As (Autumn 2023 dates TBA)
  • Lifetime Access to Course Content

"The course exercises kick-started a very deep + personal journey.
This had a knock on effect in all areas of my life.
I am listening [to my intuition] + acting on it with confidence!" 

Anne McLinden, Nottingham, UK, December 2022

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You get automatic access to the following free bonus trainings:

Free Bonus 1: Tarot in 48 Hours Course – Learn the Rider Waite Deck + Get Going!

Free Bonus 2: Work With Angels Masterclass with master healer Cherry Emery, UK.
You will get a PDF (39KB) file
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