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When I sit back and think about my life, I sometimes get frustrated.  I often say if I knew then what I know now I would be in a very different place.  What if I knew how much my thoughts affect the patterns of my life?  Only if I knew that only 90% of the thoughts in a day belong to me, I would have questioned a lot of my moves.  There were so many things I could have done differently or could I?  If I did, I may not have had to opportunity to experience what I did to write this book from those experiences.  There is so much we think about on a constant basis that may sabotage our movement, our flow, and our next levels.  My pains are your victories because now you can learn how to go through certain things with ease and grace

  • When was the last time you just sat down to think about what you were actually thinking? 
  • Are you feeling stuck? 
  • Maybe you have been abused, neglected, or rejected. 
There is no better time to release the heavyweight and begin to live a refreshed life.  Take this time to reflect, release, and restore.

You will get a PDF (39MB) file
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