A Voice of Healing

Anita McDaniel is Wellness Healer.  She is the author of Mentally Fit & Free Emotional Eating Journal, Your Escape Route to Emotional Freedom.  She is also a mother, wife, educator, speaker, and motivator.  She is the managing member of A Voice of Healing LLC, a health and wellness healing program created to allow women to live a life of healing, deliverance, and freedom.  She is also the creator of Mentally Fit & Free Group, a support group for women and of Releasing Forbidden Weight, a secured group for women who live with or have lived with a narcissistic love one.  She holds a BA in English as well as a B.A. in Complementary and Alternative Health.  She is a certified personal development coach and certified in healing and deliverance.  Anita’s mandate is to help women who are dealing with their emotions to eat unhealthy food, women whose voice was stolen from them, those who cannot connect all areas of their lives together, needs healing, and have a yearning to establish healthy lifestyle. Her will is to empower others to get on a path to a holistic healthy living.