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I have designed Wellness Healer Rediscovery: Winning the Mind Plan which is an efficient 7-week plan for healthy living.  The plan is designed to take you on a personal voyage shaping you from the inside out to help you to recognize and change your mindsets, attitudes and behaviors that can sabotage your success.

Regaining your willpower over life is one of the most efficacious powers you can have over your life.  You will learn tactics for breaking free from damaging eating and living habits.

Winning the mind offers a weekly action plan that will help you not feel overwhelmed by your lifestyle changes and will encourage you to continue over any obstacles.  I will provide you with resources and guidance and also encourage you to become serious about developing a healthy lifestyle.  The resources will assist you, not only in losing the weight and aligning your life, but will help you commit to the life you desire and maximize your life to the fullest potential.

​I encourage you to look at yourself and see if these are the changes you are desiring in your life.  Invest in your wellness.  Invest in your future. Invest in yourself. Our body is God’s temple, and we are responsible for treating it right. There is no better time than now to develop healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

What you should expect:

Commit to Reprogramming your mind with greatness inside of you.
Commit to a vision by mapping out the vision you have for your life.  Without a plan, it’s just a dream.
Maximize your power by putting into action the vision you have prepared for your life.
Reclaim your confidence with the proper perspective
Get real with yourself with all relationships in your life including people and food.
Getting You out of the way so real results can happen
Spiritual search within bringing what’s in you out.
You will get a PNG (579KB) file
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