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Imagine living a completely satisfying and fulfilling life - where your work is a wonderfully rich expression of your purpose and passion; where you have ample time to spend with your family and friends in fun, engaging and worthwhile endeavors, and where you're deeply involved in your community. In this fulfilled life you fully experience the interconnected relationship of yourself with the rest of the Universe, and you take full responsibility for your role in it.

Such a life is not only possible, it is your birthright -- IF you choose it...and it’s what the Spiral of Fulfillment is all about. It’s about how you can create such a life -- a life of service, simplicity and spiritual serenity.

The elements of the Spiral of Fulfillment are in complete alignment with the universal flow of life. In other words, if you want to regain your equilibrium, if you want your life to work, aligning your life with the Spiral of Fulfillment will allow you to once again enter the natural flow of the universe -- simply put, how life works.

The great thing about the Spiral of Fulfillment is that it doesn't matter where you long as you begin. Spiral of Fulfillment was written to help you get started and stay inspired to continuing spiraling along to your own fulfilled and fulfilling life.

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