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I became a lifelong reader when my next-door neighbor and local children's librarian turned me on to the joy of escaping into the magic of books. It eventually became clear I wanted to write my own stories as a way to give back to all the authors who provided so much to me and kept me mostly out of trouble.

Welcome to my Porpoise Publishing Bookstore. While you can find my books on most online stores these days, we both win when you buy directly from me and eliminate the 'big boy stores' since I can lower my prices to you and still make enough to feed my dog, Argos, and me.

Rainforest Shaman (Preorder & Save 50%)
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A young man on a journey into the unknown to save his life...

A young girl, chosen by the spirit animal of her shaman grandfather to follow in his footsteps...

A vital part of the world under assault from dark forces of the modern world...

Rainforest Shaman, a Young Adult spin-off of the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure series, is destined to be a thrilling and dangerous ride. Join young Zak, Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat (or is she?), and Sampson, her kind and compassionate flying dog companion on a journey to the Ecuadorian rainforest. It's a mission so impossible it will take the addition to the team of Zak's older brother, Luk, and Iya, a beautiful and mysterious shaman-in-training who hides a dark secret within her raven hair. 

Will they be able to save the rainforest from humanity's ignorance and greed?

The release date for Rainforest Shaman is June 22, 2023, World Rainforest Day. With action, adventure, and a touch of romance, Rainforest Shaman is a must-read for all lovers of planet Earth.

PLEASE NOTE: Your preorder will include only the opening scene from the story with the completed novel being sent to you upon its completion. Preorder price: $2.99, regular price upon publication: $5.99
You will get a PDF (23MB) file

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