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Amberlin: Awakening: A Paranormal Mystery Adventure

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Amberlin is on the run, but is it away from disaster or towards her destiny?

After Amberlin’s mother is framed for the murder of Papa Herb, they flee their conservative, Christian community, finding a temporary haven on a friend’s homestead where Amberlin discovers a love for folk music. When her mother’s freedom is threatened again, Amberlin’s old friend, Ben Stover, suddenly appears with a plan to travel from town to town playing gigs to pay their way and stay one step ahead of the law.

Meanwhile, Amberlin still feels she has a date with destiny, a great purpose to her life that she needs to figure out. The feeling only grows stronger as she is mysteriously drawn to a young, charismatic President Kennedy even though she's never been politically inclined. Yet his stand for peace throughout the world resonates strongly with her, but what difference could a young girl like herself have to do with such a powerful world leader?

Her life is further disrupted by a haunting song that keeps creeping into her dreams. Who are these men referred to in the lyrics who freed a lot of people but then died young?

Amberlin: Awakening is the second book in the coming-of-age paranormal Amberlin series that will keep you reading late into the night and hungrily awaiting the next book.

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