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Self-Guided INFP Archetype Connection Workshop 🌌

Have you already discovered your INFP archetypes? If so, taking this short 45 minutes workshop is your next step towards deepening your relationship with your archetypes.

This workshop is for INFPs who are ready to connect with the gifts, lessons, and messages of their archetypes. The process of tapping into the potential of each archetype is an imaginative and creative practice that can lead to greater clarity and self-awareness.

It can be challenging to formulate a clear picture of how the qualities of your current active archetypes relate to how you’re navigating life. Or maybe you're not sure of how to leverage the strengths of your archetypes to find more clarity.

This 45 minute audio workshop is designed to lead you through reflective prompts that will help you make deeper sense of your archetypes and to get in touch with your personal power.

You’ll learn how to see which qualities of your archetypes are already at work within you and how to do the creative and intuitive process that I like to call “Archetype Conversations.” 

It's all about asking your archetypes questions to get a unique look at how they are currently active within you and are influencing your personal growth.

I also share specific questions that work well with digging deeper into the Victim, Shadow Martyr, Hero, and Warrior archetypes. 

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