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Do you want to know what archetypes are currently playing a role in your life as an INFP? Then you may like taking this free INFP Archetype Test πŸ’–

The purpose of this test is to give you clarity on which of the 14 INFP personal growth archetypes are currently active in your life. It's designed to help you see where you are right now in your personal journey as an INFP and highlight which direction you are headed in.

If taking the test doesn't go deep enough for you, you can also take my INFP Archetype Connection Workshop.

For more information on how archetypes relate to the INFP journey, check out these blog posts:

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How INFPs Heal and Grow After Experiencing Trauma

Along with the test are some simple journaling prompts to help you see how your archetypes are playing a role in your life and what action steps you can take to effectively manage the energy that the various archetypes may bring into your life.

I hope that this simple test will help you learn more about yourself and give you insight on how you can make the most of where you are right now as an INFP.

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