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Love Your Sensitivity:7 Essential Life Changes to Make After Learning You're a Highly Sensitive Person

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Stop hiding and undervaluing your sensitivity.

Be authentic about what you personally need as a highly sensitive person.

Make space to rest in a world that wants to keep "hustling."

Let self-care become a practice of self-healing.

These are all things that I wish I was told when I first found out that I was a highly sensitive person.

Although I knew my sensitivity was something to be proud of, in reality, the way I treated my sensitivity showed that I was holding on to a lot of shame. I still didn't fully understand or respect it. Unfortunately, for me, it took experiencing a health crisis to truly accept being an HSP. However, lucky for you, you don't have to experience the pain I did.

In this candid and actionable book, I'm sharing the life changes I wish I had made when I discovered that I was an HSP.  In this book I share how to:

  • Know the signs of undervaluing or ignoring your sensitivity
  • Embrace rest in a work and hustle obsessed world
  • Let go of physical and emotional stress in a way that honors your sensitivity

Although this is for all HSPs, I've also included resources that have helped me to find more stability as a high-sensation seeking HSP. I hope this book will help you love your sensitivity in a simple, practical, meaningful way every day.

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