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I Want to Do All the Things: Finding Balance as a Polymath, Multipotentialite & Renaissance Soul

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Do you want to do ALL the things? Life as a polymath, multipotentialite, or renaissance soul can get complicated.

I Want to Do All the Things will help you to simplify and organize your multipotentialite projects, ambitions, and goals.

In this short ebook Arcadia Page, author of Idealist Dreams: How I Learned to Plan as an INFP, shares her experiences with multipotential in a basic guide for handing the complexities of living a multi-passionate life.

You'll discover tips on how to:

  • Reduce project overload
  • Keep track of projects & inspiration
  • Create time to work on projects
  • Keep up with your desire to learn new things
  • Share your multi-passionate life with an online audience

I Want to Do All the Things stands on its own, but it's also the ideal companion for books like Refuse to Choose and How to Be Everything.

The goal is less overwhelm and more creating.

Page believes that one of the most precious things polymaths have to share is their love of knowledge, learning, and experimentation.

I Want to Do All the Things is full of techniques to help you build your own method of living fully as a polymath.

The author earns more royalities if you buy this book directly from them ❤️ But if you prefer to buy it from your favorite Ebook retailer, click here.

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  • EPUB (253KB)

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