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The Little Book of Tiny Tasks: Make Your Life More Calm While Getting Things Done 5 Minutes at a Time

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Do you often feel like you just can't get it together?

Between work, daily responsibilities, chores, and the need to actually eat a meal, it's easy to feel like your day is bursting at the seams.

For the longest time, I thought this was just the way things had to be--until I discovered that it is possible to take care of my future self 5 minutes at a time.

I'm Arcadia Page, and I'm a writer, artist, and chaos attractor. For a while, I hard time figuring out why certain parts of my day were so insane. Every morning before going to work was crazy, and every evening after coming back home was crazy too.

However, by learning how to invest little pockets of time into taking care of my trouble spots, I discovered that small steps can turn an entire day around.

In this book, I share my best tips for reducing daily disorder five minutes at a time. If you're someone who struggles with "getting it together," I've created this book with you in mind.

This book will help you:

▪️ Take small steps to get more organized

▪️ Be more prepared for the crazy parts of your day

▪️ Identify and overcome your daily trouble spots

▪️ Find unexpected moments of slowness and calm

The Little Book of Tiny Tasks gives simple tips on how to bring the power of small steps to every single day. It also leaves space for you to create your own list of impactful tiny tasks.

Chapter Titles
  • The Beauty of Constraint
  • Putting Tiny Tasks to the Test
  • Why 5 Minutes Matters
  • Think Ahead
  • The Details Can Make a Difference
  • What Can You Do With 5 Minutes?
  • Bringing Order Back
  • Keeping Up With It
  • Using 5 Minutes to Take Care
  • Use Tiny Tasks to Make Your Future Awesome
  • BONUS CHAPTER - One Minute Morning

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