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Thoughtful Planning:How to Use Questions for Self-reflection to Design Your Day

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Do you sometimes feel like you're too busy for self-reflection? If so, I can relate.

I always felt like I was too busy doing to think about what makes each day meaningful for me. Yet, by having that viewpoint I was missing out because self-reflection is the key to reaching goals and planning well.

Thoughtful Planning is full of questions for self-reflection and journaling that will help you to set meaningful goals and arrange your time around what is essential to you every day while navigating the ups and downs of daily life.

In this short ebook, I share my favorite reflective questions and ideas for creating goals and daily routines that encourage flexibility, clarity, and calm productivity.

You'll discover tips on how to:   
  • Use the power of self-reflection and journaling to get more out of your planner.    
  • Observe your natural work style so you can create daily routines that fit you.    
  • Create goals that are reachable and match your needs.    
  • Get things done while taking care of your mental and emotional health. 
This book is specially designed for those who are burned out, over-scheduled or are intimidated by planning. 

Note: The sample version of this book does not have the updated cover and title. But all of the content is still the same.

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