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INFP Writer Love Your Writing Life - A Self-coaching Course for INFP Writers

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For INFPs, writing is much more than putting words on a page

The Love Your Writing Life Course is a self-paced course for INFP Writers who need:

  • A motivation boost ⚡
  • Help with refocusing and finding one's path as a writer
  • Simple productivity guidance related to writing
  • Help with identifying and overcoming writing obstacles
  • Clarity on what the next steps should be to create an effective writing practice

This is an interactive Google Docs course. It has plenty of space for exploring questions and figuring out solutions. It's also interlinked to help bring all of the pieces together to create a simple plan for making progress on what matters most when it comes to your writing.

My hope is for you to come away with a clearer picture of your writing goals, desires, and a plan to create the kind of writing life you want.

What's in this Google Docs Course:

  • Approach Self-coaching with Curiosity (Tips on how to coach yourself)
  • Self-care and Safety (Creating a writing practice the honors your needs)
  • Purpose (A deep dive into what writing means to you)
  • Power (Help for overcoming obstacles and finding clarity)
  • Growth (Create a simple plan for reaching your writing goals while overcoming set-backs)
  • Getting Unstuck (A bonus resource for dealing with writer's block and other challenges you may face in your writing practice)

After purchasing, you will gain access to a PDF that will give you a link to the course.

Not sure if this course is for you? Download the PDF preview (link at the top!) to get a feel for what it's like and to try the first three sessions for free. NOTE: The Preview PDF is not editable like the Google Doc and some of the links may not work, but you can still follow along with the lessons using a journal.

You will get a PDF (55KB) file

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