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The Candidate: A Rookie Reporter Mystery Novella

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A Murdered Judge. A Dark Secret Silenced.

Rookie reporter James Lalonde is bored. And, he isn’t a journalist. He’s an all-round dogs-body, to editor-in-chief, Rhys Kelly. But, his luck has finally changed.

After eavesdropping in on the morning editorial meeting, James learns he has his first-ever story. There’s one catch. If the story gets too complicated, it will be taken away from him and given to another journalist with more experience.

Sure it’s a boring interview with the soon to be sworn-in magistrate, Albert Harrington, but it finally gets him out of his six-month slump as an editorial research assistant. He finally has a chance to prove himself.

The following day, James turns up to his interview with Albert to discover a trail of blood smeared through Albert’s house, an empty safe, the murder weapon on the floor, but no body.

Detective Anwar Khan turns up to the crime scene, puts two and two together, and believes James murdered the controversial magistrate.

Can James clear his name and write his first-ever story before his editor takes it away from him?

About the Rookie Reporter Mystery Series

Five years before James Lalonde was the editor for the Northampton Tribune and discovered that the legendary sword, Excalibur, was stolen from the home of Elizabeth James, he was a gofer dreaming of writing his first byline for the Northampton Tribune. The Rookie Reporter mystery series follows James Lalonde's first year as a journalist, starting with his first-ever case in The Candidate.

Below is a list of the Rookie Reporter Mystery series in order. The books can also be read as stand-alone stories.
#1 - The Candidate
#2 - The Resort (Comming Soon)

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Recent Reviews

"[The Candidate] is the first book of a great series, I just know it." - Ricki, A Goodreads Reviewer

"[The Candidate is a ] Fast-moving story so hold onto your seat! What a ride!" - Marci, A Goodreads Reviewer

"This book held my attention more for the very clumsy but caring rookie reporter James Lalonde. There were times I wondered if he was going to make it through to the end or knock himself out somehow while trying to get his first story." - May, A Goodreads Reviewer

"I am not sure that I could put the book down. The action was exciting and [the] Candidate was very well written." - Delphia, A Goodreads Reviewer
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