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The Lawn: A James Lalonde Short Story (James Lalonde #0)


The Candidate: A Rookie Reporter Mystery Novella


Suspicion: A James Lalonde Mystery Novella


About Me

Amelia D. Hay is a mystery author who writes under the pen name A.D. Hay. She is a passionate bibliophile and can usually be found reading a book, and that book will most likely be a murder mystery. Amelia’s love of reading stems back to when her mother used to bribe her as a small child, with a little golden book for good behaviour during grocery shopping.

Fast-Forward thirty years, Amelia is the author of Missing which is the first book in the James Lalonde amateur sleuth mystery series.

When not absorbed in a gripping page-turner or writing her James Lalonde series, Amelia loves to travel around Europe, drink tea, rosé, and eat pizza. She is obsessed with journalism, art history, and is a closet religious thriller fan. Amelia was born in Brisbane, Australia and spent the last nine years living in London, where she lives with her husband, Roland.