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Suspicion: A James Lalonde Mystery Novella (James Lalonde, Book 1)

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Excalibur is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose. One Reporter is Determined to Uncover the Truth.

James has a nose for trouble. But that's nothing new.

This time, things are different...

...his life is on the line.

James is the chief editor of a small newspaper. It's hardly captivating work. He's bored. But all of that is about to change.

Late one evening, he returns home to discover his long-time girlfriend and journalist, Valentine, has left. Early the next morning, James fails to reallocate her assigned story. To avoid blank space in the culture section and losing his job, he decides to write the story on the local museum's latest acquisition, Excalibur.

But there's one thing he didn't count on...

....Excalibur is missing, and a dead body is at the crime scene.

As his investigations commence, James unravels a tangled web of betrayal, kidnapping, and murder. But, his fact-finding hasn't gone unrecognised. The wrong people have started to notice. And there will be consequences...dire consequences.

If you love gripping cloak and dagger mysteries with twists and turns, then you'll love this first instalment in the James Lalonde Amateur Sleuth Mystery series. Get it now.

Please note: this is a re-edited edition of the previously published novella, Missing with changes to the plot and ending.

Praise for Suspicion

"A new-to-me author whose blurb drew me in to give the book a chance and I am really glad that I did. Exciting story, and several surprises in the finish. I found the characters likable and relatable to, well developed and credible. I did enjoy the book – it was an easy read but thrilling enough to keep me interested and I will certainly be on the look out for more of Hay’s books."

-Advanced Reader

"I quite enjoyed this book. It had an interesting storyline and did not take long to read. It had enough to keep me guessing though. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review."

-Advanced Reader

About the James Lalonde Series

The James Lalonde mystery series in order. The books can also be read as stand-alone stories.

#0 - The Lawn 
#1 - Suspicion
#2 - Duplicity
#3 - Untitled Book 3 (Coming in 2023)

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