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The Lawn: A James Lalonde Short Story (James Lalonde #0)

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A Body is on the Front Lawn. A Priceless Painting is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose.

When Will Thatcher doesn't show up for work, James Lalonde is forced to attend an afternoon tea with Alistair Carmichael in Will's place. The lovely autumn afternoon tea comes to an abrupt end when a body is discovered on the front lawn of the Carmichael Estate with strange markings on its neck.

But something is missing, a priceless painting is off the wall. However, it's no ordinary painting, it's a van Gogh purchased in an auction a few months prior.

But, trouble has its watchful eye on James.

Can James figure out who the thief and murderer are before he is next?

About the James Lalonde Series

The James Lalonde mystery series in order. The books can also be read as stand-alone stories.

  • #0 - The Lawn 
  • #1 - Suspicion
  • #2 - Duplicity (24 November 2022)
  • #3 - 24 Hours (Comming in 2023)

Download includes a Mobi file for Kindle and an ePub file for other e-readers.

Recent Reviews

"Expect the unexpected in this short but twisty tale about an art heist at a wealthy man’s estate." Susie D., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

"An intrepid journalist uncovers an art heist on an English estate. But will he live to break the story?" Kim H., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

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