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By Demons Be Driven

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Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

In Grimluk’s profession, sometimes you find the next job, and sometimes the next job finds you. After a demon knight attacks him on the highway, he’s pushed to the decaying town of Dunvich. Grimluk arrives just in time for a festival, joining several other outsiders as guests of honor. The smiling, friendly faces and hospitality seem good to be true, setting him on an instinctive investigation to find out if there’s more going on.

What he discovers is more than he expected. Dunvich contains secrets that could alter the course of the continent if left unchecked. Secrets that drag Grimluk into a fight for survival. As the hunter becomes the hunted, will a quick gun and a sharp knife win the day? Or will survival be the luxury Grimluk can’t afford if he wants to stop the coming darkness from spreading?

One thing’s for sure: he’s got a job to do.

Can be read as a standalone. Contains strong language, graphic violence, and disturbing concepts and imagery, including implied incest.
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The Demons Within


Demon Haunted


A Demon in the Desert


Grimluk, Demon Hunter Vol 1-3