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Demon Haunted

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Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

For the past month, Grimluk has traveled with his newly adopted sister, Gwen Quinn. Grimluk hopes to find the cause and cure for the prophetic spirit trapped in Gwen. The journey isn’t without its perils though. Near dark one evening, an angry and monstrous apparition attacks them, nearly crushing Grimluk under its enormous spiritual weight. It demands one thing; to be taken home.

The thing leads them to a town called Perfection. A man known as the Hanging Judge runs the town, holding tight to law and order. Almost immediately, Grimluk is arrested, charged with kidnapping and murder. The Judge takes Gwen and imprisons Grimluk. Trapped and separated, the pair learn all too quickly that something else haunts the town besides a ghost. And the only escape might be at the end of a rope.

Can be read as a standalone. Contains disturbing imagery, strong language, gaslighting, and strong violence.

You will get a EPUB (2MB) file

By Demons Be Driven


The Demons Within


Grimluk, Demon Hunter Vol 1-3


A Demon in the Desert