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Signed Havoc in Wyoming 7-Book Bundle

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Signed paperbacks of the seven-book Havoc in Wyoming series!

When a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, the people of Bakerville, Wyoming, must come together to survive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the town's best interest at heart. Some are striving for personal gain during the apocalypse.

"Excellent Christian Author! A very realistic, down-to-earth series. The characters are wonderfully developed. It's easy to develop a real liking for Mollie, Jake & family! The supporting characters are full, rich people who would be necessary to have around you to survive the mess America is in!"

"This was one of the best 2.5 weeks of reading I have had. Millie Copper has snuck into the position of one of my favorite writers to date."

"For the past week, I have read it every spare minute I've had!! The characters are so compelling, and the way the author weaves the different stories together is amazing."

Longtime preppers Jake and Mollie Caldwell have created the perfect escape to keep their large family safe from harm—or so they thought. When disaster strikes, nothing goes as planned. Mollie isn't even home!

As America is changed forever, it's soon evident that planning and provisions weren’t enough. They'll need God's help to survive the catastrophe.

Immerse yourself in the day-to-day survival of Jake and Mollie Caldwell, the people of Bakerville, and the surrounding towns as they face extraordinary challenges. Written in first-person point of view, you'll experience the heart-pounding terror, intense emotions, laughter, and tears alongside the characters as they make their way through this dangerous new world.

Get the seven-book Havoc in Wyoming bundle today, and discover why readers love this twist on the post-apocalyptic genre!

This giant seven-book bundle includes:

  • Caldwell's Homestead
  • Katie's Journey
  • Mollie's Quest
  • Shields and Ramparts
  • Fowler's Snare
  • Pestilence in the Darkness
  • My Refuge and Fortress
The Havoc in Wyoming series has been described as “Cozy” Apocalypse and contains no profanity, gratuitous sex scenes, or overly detailed gruesome death scenes. However, it does contain conservative family values and references to God, prayer, scripture, and Christianity.

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