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SateLite – theme for Kirby CMS

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SateLite for Kirby CMS

Kirby is a file-based Content Management System, your content lives in text files and folders – no database involved. The lack of database makes a breeze of installation, backups and updates. 
SateLite offers a nice set of features, so you can kick off your website in no time.

Visit the SateLite demo site


  • 25-01-2023: Kirby update 3.9.0, update Markdown field and Kirby Fields block.
  • 16-12-2022: Kirby update 3.8.3. Stylesheet adjustments; implementation of CSS Logical Properties. 
  • 17-11-2022: Release of SateLite.


  • Dedicated homepage and five templates;
    • Collection page, a table of contents for all pages in asection.
    • Article template, a single main column with adjustable widths.
    • Article right template, a main column with a sidebar on the right.
    • Article left template, a main column with a sidebar on the left.
    • Article left-right template, a main column with sidebars on the left and right.
  • Easy default menu or define a custom menu, with specific pages and optional subpages.
  • User controlled dark or light mode.
  • Layout the site footer to your liking.
  • Optional display of a logo, upload specific versions for light and dark mode, and adjust the size.
  • Instructions for the use of theme colors in svg logos and the use of icons.
  • Four color palettes (Blue, Indigo, Teal and Gray) to choose from. Colors can be adjusted according a predefined range. Colors can also be set per template allowing for different colors in certain sections of the site or when using multiple languages, per language.
  • Display the site name next to your logo, or use it on it’s own.
  • Set the language code.
  • Date formatting options.
  • Twitter card integration.
  • Optional use of Google analytics.
  • Optional use of breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Define categories to be used in article templates.
  • The theme is ready for the use of multiple languages.

Available Blocks for building pages

Layout content in multiple columns and choose from 22 Block types:
  • Heading
  • Text
  • List
  • Quote
  • Table
  • Line
  • Code
  • Markdown
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Note
  • Pages
  • Slider
  • Thumbnail Slider
  • Tabs
  • Feature Slider
  • Random Image
  • Navigation
  • Social Media
You will get a ZIP (5MB) file