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How Blue is My Valley Audiobook

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Audiobook, narrated by Jan Cramer, delivered by Bookfunnel
Humorous travel book about moving to France from award-winning author Jean Gill
'Laugh out loud... such a vivid picture of the fields of lavender, sunflowers and olive trees that you could almost be there with her.' 
Living France Magazine

The true scents of Provence? Lavender, thyme and septic tank.
Discover the real Provence in good company.

There are hundreds of interesting things you can do in a bath but washing dishes is not one of them, nor what writer Jean Gill had in mind when she swopped her Welsh Valley for a French one.
Keen to move out of the elephant's stomach, that stew of grey mists called weather in Wales, she offered her swimming certificate to a bemused Provençal estate agent and bought a house with good stars and its own spring-water. Or rather, as it turns out, a neighbour's spring-water that is the only supply to the kitchen, which, according to the nice men from the Water Board, is emptying its dirty water directly and illegally onto the main road... and there's worse ...

But how can you resist a village called Dieulefit,`God created it', the village 'where everyone belongs'

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