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TPD2 - Never Say Never

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The Perfect Date Series, Book 2


Dating's one thing, but what’s love got to do with it?

Nothing. At least not for Ann Lynx. She’s fifty-three for goodness sake. She’s had love. All she’s in the market for these days is some fun companionship—no strings attached.

Right? Wrong.

Thanks to her pain-in-the-rear-end best friend, Georgia, she’s now back on the dating scene. Add Georgia’s matchmaking daughter Mariah to the mix and Ann is officially in a world of trouble—or dates—to be more accurate.

All that would be kind of doable, but her handyman’s sexy too-young-for-her son is making her feel like a silly young girl. She should definitely stick to the handsome, successful, and older men that Mariah keeps throwing in her path, but she can’t seem to banish the sexy Cal from her thoughts any more than from her broken pantry.

The retired military man is very good at fixing things, and at kissing her senseless. Who’s going to fix her though if Cal ends up breaking her heart?

What’s love got to do with it? Maybe everything.

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