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TPD3 - Never A Dull Moment

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The Perfect Date Series, Book 3


What could she possibly have in common with a man whose watch costs more than her car?

Georgia may be slowing down a bit at her age, but she isn’t stupid yet. The idea of her genuinely dating Dr. Brentwood Colombo, aka Hollywood… well, that’s just totally insane.

Where is her dignity? Where is her pride? How did she let her snickering friends dare her into giving him a chance?

And where is the kind, caring daughter she raised? Mariah’s been replaced with an evil version insisting she gives the womanizing plastic surgeon who dates twenty-year-olds a fair chance. A fair chance at what? Breaking her heart?

No, thank you. Her dignity will not be trampled under Hollywood’s expensive shoes. Now if he’d just stop talking about her perfect, perfect breasts, she might forget about him completely.

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