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Song of Smoke and Fire (Song of Dragonfire Book One) - eBook

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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORĀ Megan Linski writes a young adult medieval fantasy romance of dragon shifters, epic battles, and breathtaking magic.

I am Fliss, a slave to the king. When a local dragon demands payment, I am offered by the king as a sacrifice to the monster, though the dragon is more than what I expect.

The dragon is actually a gorgeous man, a curse cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress. Only one pure of soul can end the spell upon him. The dragon will set me free if I end his curse for good. But the closer the dragon and I become, the less I want him to let me go.

I will either tame the tortured beast insideā€¦ or my life will be consumed by smoke and flame.


Song of Smoke and Fire is an historical fantasy romance that takes place in ancient Poland. Dragons battle for dominance in this supernatural fairy tale re-imagining of the legend of the Wawel Dragon.

Now a complete series!

Author: Megan Linski

Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing

Page Count: 244 pages

Age: 18+

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