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In a few hundred years, the Algol system becomes humanity’s new home. The question is: Is it a better one?

CONTRACT OF DEFIANCE, CONTRACT OF BETRAYAL, and CONTRACT OF WAR follow former Corpsmember Aly Erikson and her crew of anti-Admin smugglers through ever-escalating life-and-death adventures and the trials of a living on the side of liberty and freedom—whether they agree with the law or not. Most are no strangers to fighting and dissent, but more than anything, they want to spend their lives flying under the radar without control or interference from the system’s central government, The Political and Capital Administration of the Advanced Worlds, aka, the Admin. But the Admin's greed-drenched dualism of power and corruption has other plans, and throughout the series, Aly and her crew are reminded of one lesson time and again: when all other options run out, never let go of your gun.


Trusting others is your first mistake.

If Tech Sergeant Erikson plans to survive another day, she’ll have to give up everything: her identity, her rank, her beloved Corps, and most of all, her so-called honor.

Haunted by the ghosts of outclassed and outgunned rebels her squad was ordered to eliminate, Erikson struggles to maintain her military bearing—until even that is ripped away in an act of domestic terrorism that sends her on the run on a hostile planet.

Her turn to be outclassed and outgunned, under attack from the scavengers who plague the system, and out of options, she and two more Corps survivors must find a way to trust each other or their chances for survival are less than zero. And for one of them, chances can be improved with one simple act: betrayal.

In this prequel to the popular Spectras Arise Trilogy, readers get an intimate look into the events that led Aly and David Erikson on their path from decorated and dedicated soldiers to black-market arms smugglers, and ultimately, to rebels against the Political and Capital Administration of the Advanced Worlds.

What people saying about the Spectras Arise Series
“A fast-paced and fun sci-fi space adventure with a great protagonist… starts with a running gun fight and doesn't let up until the explosive conclusion.”
“Top Notch SciFi Read!”
“I'm torn between wanting to savor every exciting moment of this gorgeously written series or binge-read to find out what happens next.”
“Thrilling, Roller-Coaster Ride of Military Sci-Fi Adventure”
“Contains the kind of action that makes it hard to turn off the light and go to sleep.”

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Contract of War: Spectras Arise, Book 3


Contract of War, Spectras Arise, Book 3 AUDIOBOOK


Conviction: A Spectras Arise Prequel Novella AUDIOBOOK


Contract of Betrayal: Spectras Arise, Book 2


Contract of Defiance: Spectras Arise, Book 1 AUDIOBOOK


Contract of Defiance: Spectras Arise, Book 1


Contract of Betrayal, Spectras Arise, Book 2 AUDIOBOOK


The Shackled Verities: Complete Collection Box Set


Conviction: Spectras Arise Prequel Novella