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Contract of Betrayal: Spectras Arise, Book 2

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In a bid to free the settlers of Agate Beach from their dependence on picking at Admin scraps, Corps-deserter Aly Erikson's crew is willing to make a few deals, even with the devil.

When Aly learns her friends have deceived her, she has to decide which is stronger: her sense of having been betrayed or her allegiance to the rebel cause.

After an old ally offers her a convenient escape to a new life, the decision should be easy. But when the Corps threatens to wipe out everything that matters to her, the only course of action left is the same one she’s taken for as long as she can remember—fighting back.

What people saying about the Spectras Arise Series
“A fast-paced and fun sci-fi space adventure with a great protagonist… starts with a running gun fight and doesn't let up until the explosive conclusion.”

“Top Notch SciFi Read!”

“I'm torn between wanting to savor every exciting moment of this gorgeously written series or binge-read to find out what happens next.”

“Thrilling, Roller-Coaster Ride of Military Sci-Fi Adventure”

“Contains the kind of action that makes it hard to turn off the light and go to sleep.”

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The Spectras Arise Series Omnibus, including all four books

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Contract of Defiance: Spectras Arise, Book 1 AUDIOBOOK


Contract of War, Spectras Arise, Book 3 AUDIOBOOK


Contract of War: Spectras Arise, Book 3


Conviction: A Spectras Arise Prequel Novella AUDIOBOOK


Contract of Betrayal, Spectras Arise, Book 2 AUDIOBOOK


Conviction: Spectras Arise Prequel Novella


Spectras Arise Omnibus


Contract of Defiance: Spectras Arise, Book 1