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The Bloody End (Blood Vice 7-8) ebook

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Royal vampire duties are a pain in the fangs.

A digital omnibus of books 7-8 in the Blood Vice Series.

7) Flesh and Blood
8) Out for Blood

Jenna would trade her crown for a badge and gun any day of the week. But life—or death, rather—had different plans for her. Still, she's convinced she can find a balance between the two. The same way she thought she could maintain both her former mortal existence and newly undead status. In a perfect world, it might have been doable. But in Jenna's world of cutthroat vampire councils and werewolf terrorists? Not a chance.

If you like a little fang in your urban fantasy and action in your paranormal romance, follow Jenna Skye on her crash course introduction to supernatural society in St. Louis!

New to Jenna and House Lilith? 
Begin the series with Blood Vice (book 1) or the first omnibus, Fresh Blood (books 1-3), today!
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