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Hathor Legacy: Outcast

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Hathor Legacy: Outcast

All bets are off when the most powerful Guardian working for Novacorp--already questioning the elders within the organization--is felled by betrayal…and love.​

Guardian Sentry Nadira uses both her intuition and telekinetic powers to keep the capital city on Hathor safe. Unwillingly separated from her mother when she was only eight years old in order to begin her training that will eventually strip her entirely of her former identity, she isn't sure whether to trust her employer when disturbing suspicions arise.
The son of a mining company CEO on the nearby planet Astarte, Jonathan Keel has known a life of wealth and privilege, something he's channeled into the social entertainment clubs he runs rather than in joining his father in the family business. When his dad turns up missing following an explosion intended to cover up a theft at the mine, Jonathan has no intention of letting anyone stop him from learning what happened. The last thing he expects is to become a suspect in the robbery.​

Nadira is charged by the elder Guardians with protecting Jonathan from those who seem intent on killing him for reasons as yet unknown. In the process of doing her job, she learns that her employer has an agenda that's preventing her from learning the truth behind the situation. Growing doubts--and an unexpected attraction to her reckless charge--quickly throw her already wavering loyalty to her duty off-balance.​

After discovering evidence of Jonathan's father’s possible involvement in a conspiracy, the two flee the city, not knowing who to trust while they try to get to the bottom of the dangerous mystery they've uncovered. Learning that their pasts are unfathomably linked forges a volatile, life-altering alliance between them…even as the truth coming to light threatens their futures.​
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