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The White Sails Series 4—NOVELLA: Christmas at Gilly Downs (eBook)

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As the fourth, and final, novella in The White Sails Series, CHRISTMAS AT GILLY DOWNS jumps forward ten years to see what the beloved characters from The White Sails Series are up to as they prepare to reunite for Christmas at Gilly Downs.

Seamus Fitzwilliam musters the fortitude to persuade Grace to allow Edwin to leave Sydney for London, so that the boy can learn about managing the Elias Shipping Company across two continents. But will she cut the apron strings?

Toby Hicks celebrates the birth of his second child with Erin, but a dire warning from Dr Billy Sykes dampens the happy occasion.

Billy Sykes, now retired from naval life, has bought the local apothecary in Sydney Town. Delivery of a medicinal package to a patient has unforeseen consequences that has the potential to smear his good name.

Adelia Shyling’s marriage to Victor Shyling is stronger than ever, as is the success of the sheep station, Gilly Downs. A perpetual social butterfly, she is looking forward to gathering her friends and family on Christmas Day, until a horrific accident threatens to ruin the whole event.

Emily Fitzwilliam, at twenty-one, is an accomplished seamstress in Sydney Town’s most esteemed dress shop. Mrs Moore, her employer, is a hard but fair task master—that is until Emily catches her son’s eye.

Jim Buchanan could not be prouder of his nephew Nevin. The lad has grown into a hard-working man fit to carry on the family name. However, more than anything, Jim desires a child of his own … Will this latest fruitless effort with his Pearl finally tear them apart?

Wee Granny Mac refuses to age gracefully! How she and Old Quill haven't killed one another over the years is anyone's guess—though, he still hasn't stopped asking for her hand in marriage …

Grace Fitzwilliam thought she would miss her life at sea more, but surrounded by family and friends, she is a woman content. As a second mother to Adelia’s red-headed rabble, Grace feels obligated to pluck eldest daughter, Ruthie, from the middle of a rivalrous love triangle unfolding on Gilly Downs before the young girl has her heart crushed.

This Christmas novella links The White Sails Series and The Gold Hills Series (coming soon), which continues the Fitzwilliam family saga in Emily Fitzwilliam’s footsteps.

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