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MEDIUM Content Planner for NOTION

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(The Medium Content Planner is integrated into Write OS. If you already bought Write OS, you don't need this template.)

Write, Plan, Manage, Become Successful On Medium In 2022

You write on Then this Notion template is perfect for you.

It contains a template database for all your Medium stories, as well as various useful details. It sports multiple views like a content calendar, a task view, or a Trello-style drag-and-drop layout. If you're not using Notion, you can also download this template as a .csv file (attached below) and open it with every spreadsheet application like Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.

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Info: If you already purchased Write OS, you don't need this product. It's integrated into Write OS. Consider getting Write OS instead. Write OS is a comprehensive writing system for online writers. If you're quick enough, you can snatch it 50% off with the discount code "MediumOSSecond". 


How to add the template to your Notion workspace?

Click on the template link, then select “Duplicate” in the top right corner.
You will get a TXT (250B) file

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