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Agents of The Emperor Collection Volume 2: 5 Science Fiction Short Stories

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5 action packed, compelling, enthralling science fiction short stories in 1 great collection!


Blade On A Train:

A High Speed Train. A Mysterious Target. A Mission Like No Other.

Targets hide all over the galaxy.

Jase serves his Master. He loves killing threats. He climbs onto a high speed train. Jase needs to kill a target. 

Can Jase kill the threat before disaster strikes? 

If you want enthralling, action packed dark science fiction short stories, you’ll love this!

Computation of Battle:

Tarnvir fights for his Emperor all over the galaxy.

Tarnvir heads towards a doomed battle. He fights as punishment. But this battle is nothing like ever before.

Can Tarnvir win the battle and serve his punishment? Or will he fail to unlock the Computation of Battle and kill an entire world?

If you love action-packed, enthralling science fiction short story that will transport you to another world. You need to buy this brilliant short story!


I'm a planetary governor for Emperor's sake. 

I don't deserve to be dragged from my bed chambers and dumped in this little shiny black box room, with nothing but two cold silver chairs, and a dodgy flicking light above us. 

Can I find what happened and survive? Or will I be framed and die?

If you love voicy, enthralling action packed science fiction short stories, you have to buy this page turning addition to the series!

Honey Hunt:

A Whacky Planet. Dangerous Poachers. An Unique Arbiter.

There are millions of planets in the galaxy. Some are unique.

Abu loves breathing in the sweet honey air. He walks in rivers of delicious honey. He sees amazing plants. But Abu knows poachers are coming.

Can Abu protect his stunning home? Or will he fail and lose it?

If you love whacky, enthralling, unputdownable science fiction short stories, you’ll love this!

Claws of Death:

A Space Wreck. Two Assassins. A Group of Aliens.

Aliens hide everywhere.

Alexander feels the cold metal beams. He smells the foulness of the wreck. He looks at a stunning female assassin. Alexander knows his true mission. 

Can he assassinate the aliens? Or will things go horribly wrong?

If you love gripping, fast paced science fiction short stories, you’ll love this!

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