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Fantasy Short Story Collection Volume 2: 5 Fantasy Short Stories

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5 action packed unputdownable fantasy short stories in one epic collection!


Dragon Tea

Stolen Magic Tea. An Army of Orks. Two Dragon Riders to Save Everyone.

Dragon Riders protect the Realm.

Cato studies a map. He struggles to learn about the orks. He hears a powerful crime.

Can Cato learn the truth?

If you enjoy page turning action packed epic fantasy short stories, you'll love this!

Heart of Arms

The Kingdom of Ordericous has many secrets.

The Queen summons Alessandria. Her concern grows. Alessandria hunts the truth.

Can Alessandria find the truth and serve her Queen? Or will she fail and risk the fate of her country?

If you love action packed, enthralling, page turning urban fantasy short stories with an edge of mystery, you’ll love this great story.

The Royal Code

A Banished Son. A So-called God King. A Royal Code.

The Royal Code controls the King.

Cato returns to his father. He fights dark forces. Cato needs to return to his family.

Can Cato convince his father to have him back?

If you love action packed, suspenseful urban fantasy short stories, you’ll love this one!

Heart of A Killer

Hellen hunts criminals. No matter the cost.

She knows the Killer’s back. Hellen hunts someone from her past. She must find him.

Can Hellen find the Killer before he kills again? Or will be past come back to haunt her?

If you love fast-paced urban fantasy short stories with a great mystery adventure twist. You will love this short story!

Heart of The Regent

A Dire Threat. A Country To Save. A Gay Autistic Man The Only Hope.

Regents are second only to the Queen.

Harrison loves his country and boyfriend. He serves them well. Harrison knows the Triad plans an attack.

Can Harrison overcome his difficulties? Or will the Triad succeed and let Ordericous burn?

If you love gripping, action packed fantasy short stories with an amazing character, you will LOVE this story!

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