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The Teach Performance Programme

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The Teach Performance Programme is 40 videos of insight, practical tips, deep level understanding and new perspectives about how to teach performance. Based on three decades of teaching and research around the world - at at every level of education - it offers you an unshakeable foundation to build your teaching on.

The videos cover all aspects of designing & delivering Performance Workshops - any level, any style of performance.

It gives YOU a solid foundation to build YOUR unique offer for YOUR students.

It includes:

  • What's education really for (beyond assessment, employability and 'transferable skills')?
  • What three pedagogies can coexist in any exercise, turning 'games' into life-changing learning?
  • What are multiple intelligences and why should you know about them?
  • What is creativity?
  • What's your deeper purpose as a Artist-Teacher?
  • How do you deliver work in unfamiliar or unexpected situations?
  • How can you teach diverse groups without leaving anyone behind or holding anyone back?
  • Why does 'Flow State' matter and how can you structure work to help students achieve it?
  • How do you train Attention?
  • What's the difference between Awareness and Attention?
  • What 8 Principles of thinking create Presence?
  • What are the 5 steps of a Learning Journey (or are there 6)?
  • What's the difference between Technical, Aesthetic and Personal Feedback?
  • How do you encourage peer-to-peer feedback?

The modules include:

The Big Picture:

What is Education? Multiple Intelligences. Intrinsic Motivation/Extrinsic Rewards. Creativity. The Why-and-How Approach.

The Learning Journey:

Psychophysicality. Non-linear learning. The five-stages of learning. Experiential learning. Creating a space for rich experiences.

Pedagogies, Paradigms, Principles & Presence:

Learning to Learn. Understanding Attention. Identifying paradigms. Three intersecting pedagogies. The 8 Principles of Presence.

Flow & Flexibility:

Aligning with your work. Flow theory. Using flow to design effective learning. Cycles of learning. Exercise design.


Technical & developmental feedback. Positive Feedback. Peer-to-peer feedback. Enabling self-reflection.

Past, Present & Future:

Reflecting on your teaching practice. Teaching from your core. Self-care. Top-tips for Workshop Leaders.

Each module will give you perspectives, techniques, processes and insights to empower you to understand, communicate and sell your WHY and HOW.

The Teach Performance Programme gives you a solid foundation of knowledge, confidence and research on which to develop your career as a unique, impassioned and life-changing Artist-Teacher.

The course is available via private links to videos on YouTube. When you purchase your copy of The Teach Performance Programme, you'll receive all the necessary links to access the full course.

You will get a PDF (110KB) file