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Climbing The Mountain (Audiobook)

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'Climbing The Mountain: The Performer's Journey Into Presence' is an intimate and personal encounter with the training I run with performers. At the start of each day of work I give a short talk - about being an artist, about life, about our history, culture, spirituality or processes of learning. It sets the tone for the day's work and gives a moment of shared togetherness for us to start from.

'Climbing The Mountain' contains thirty such talks - they take you through a complete training process, from the first meeting of a new training ensemble until the final day and the inevitable goodbyes. As the weeks pass, you see how simple ideas become complex, how things that were true at the start are no longer true later on, how understanding evolves slowly through time and experience.

"Climbing The Mountain' is written and spoken in the language I use in the studio - anecdotal, irreverent, poetic. It is as close as I can bring you to the training without actually being in a room with you.

The book is punctuated with quotes from Rilke's wonderful "Letters to a Young Poet' - each quote a nugget of insight from one of the greatest poets I know.

All of the training in all of its complexity is focused on attaining elusive but simple outcomes - to be connected, live, passionate, present and full of joy as we stand with each other and with our audiences.

Each day is an exercise in climbing our personal mountain. You can't do that just because you want the view from the top - you have to learn to love every step of the way, however hard it might seem.

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