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10 Meditations through Movement: The Personal Power Programme

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The Personal Power Programme offers ten days of gentle, meditative, movement-based 'you-time'. It'll bring you back to where it all happens - the here and now.

When you make your purchase you'll receive a link to 10 movement meditations based on The 8 Principles of Presence.

Are you....

Constantly distracted?

Often anxious?

Do you dwell on the past?

Do you obsessively plan the future?

Do you try to control everything?

Are you exhausted just trying to get from moment to moment?

It's time to unleash your superpower.


'Presence' isn't some spooky alternative reality.

It's not a state of spiritual enlightenment.

It's not a mystery only a 'select few' can understand.

Presence is paying attention to here and now.

Presence is being focused and undistracted.

Presence is getting out of your thoughts and connecting with reality.

It's easy to understand.

(That doesn't make it easy to do.)

It takes practice, discipline and gentle determination.

It takes work.

Are you ready to do the work to unleash your power?

Are you ready to find greater peace?

Are you ready to be less distracted and less anxious?

Are you ready to access and unleash your personal power?

You will get a PDF (408KB) file