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Land of Fury, A Ruined Lands Novel (Signed Paperback)

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Once upon a time, there was a desperate princess, a scythe-wielding huntsman, and a band of Viking horsemen.

Princess Thora, youngest daughter of the infamous Queen of Norseland, has only known life behind the walls of Winterwood Keep. Shut away from the outside world, Thora awaits the day she is called upon to fulfill her royal duty. When that day arrives, and Thora learns she will marry the kingdom’s most sinister chieftain, she must decide between her freedom and the dangers stalking the wild winter lands, or her obligation to her kingdom and confronting the evils that lurk the castle corridors she calls home.

It’s not long before Thora learns nothing is quite what it seems, and with an unlikely ally at her side, she embarks on a journey that will alter the fabric of Norseland forever.

Prepare to feel the kiss of winter on your skin as you are windswept in this heart-pounding, swoon-worthy Norse-inspired Snow White retelling.

If you enjoy love/hate relationships, secret identities, and reluctant heroines on whirlwind adventures, this is the tale for you.

**Contains adult content**

Visit for trigger warnings.


(interconnected but can be read as stand-alones)

City of Ruin (Beauty and the Beast)

Sea of Storms (Skadi and Njord - Norse Mythology)

Land of Fury (Snow White and the Huntsman)


Dust and Shadow

Borne of Sand and Scorn (Prequel novella)

Earth and Ember

Tide and Tempest

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