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Land of Fury, A Ruined Lands Novel (ebook)

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Once upon a time there was a desperate princess, a scythe-wielding huntsman, and a band of Viking horsemen.

Princess Thora, youngest daughter of the infamous Queen of Norseland, has only known life behind the walls of Winterwood Keep. Shut away from the outside world, Thora awaits the day she is called upon to fulfill her royal duty. When that day arrives, and Thora learns she will marry the kingdom’s most sinister chieftain, she must decide between her freedom and the dangers stalking the wild winter lands, or her obligation to her kingdom and confront the evils that lurk the castle corridors she calls home.

It’s not long before Thora learns nothing is quite what it seems, and with an unlikely ally at her side, she embarks on a journey that will alter the fabric of Norseland forever.

Prepare to feel the kiss of winter on your skin as you are windswept in this heart-pounding, swoon-worthy Norse-inspired Snow White retelling.

If you enjoy love/hate relationships, secret identities, and reluctant heroines on whirlwind adventures, this is the tale for you.


**Contains adult content**
Visit for trigger warnings.


(interconnected but can be read as stand-alones)

City of Ruin (Beauty and the Beast)
Sea of Storms (Skadi and Njord - Norse Mythology)
Land of Fury (Snow White and the Huntsman)



Dust and Shadow
Borne of Sand and Scorn (Prequel novella)
Earth and Ember
Tide and Tempes


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Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Loved every bit of it!!

I say this about every one of Lindsey’s books but I loved every page. This story captured me on page one and kept me company in the late nights I was up with my newborn. The characters were so realistic, the details played through my head like a movie. I mostly loved the surprises throughout the story. They kept me guessing. This book can be read independently but for the best experience I suggest you read the previous 2 ruined land books first.

Mrs. Mabb

11 months ago

Gods Save the Queen

*No Spoiler Review*
Any referenced spoilers in this review are due to the relationship of this book to the other 2 in the series but do not reveal anything within the book.

Lindsey Pogue has truly outdone herself! Though this book could be read as a standalone, you will miss significant series culminating realizations, the ending of major arcs, and the satisfaction of a trilogy that closes with perfection. This being said, the setting is familiar to those who have read Sea of Storms. However, the nuances of the terrain, and the shift of the environment from one end of the continent to the other, are vividly described. My fingers were cold just reading it! The character-building was logical, emotional, and engaging. If you were frustrated with a main character’s actions, some secondary character soon after vented their frustrations at the main character - it was like the secondary characters were mind-readers…or reader-readers. The plot twists are layered and dynamic but well-played out like a weaver pulling the final thread in place. Having read the other two books in the trilogy, there were twists I had “hoped” for, or could glean pieces of. But just when I thought I may have my thumb on it, Ms. Pogue yanked the map right out from under me! I was thoroughly pleased not only with how this book ended, but how the series came to a close. There is more thing to note. One of my absolute favorite characters in this book is Odin. Odin is a wolf. Odin happens to embody characteristics of one of the other characters that that character will not allow anyone else to see until near the very end. The humanistic qualities that Odin carries is a literary trick that so few authors can pull off to witness this was richly rewarding. 10/10!

Annalee Petersen

11 months ago

Land of Fury was amazing!

Once upon a time, the Grimm brothers gave us amazing fairy tales; you now have the adult version of the favorites we grew up on! I didn't think Linsey could top the first two books, but she did it! Plus, the best part of this trilogy is getting the characters tied together, falling in love with them, and knowing you'll get to read it over again with the same joy.