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About Me Preschool Task Boxes #3

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Most of the pages within this binder are meant for matching.
All of the pieces that are to be cut are from page 80-105.
Page 79 can be cut into 4 squares for a fun clothespin game of choosing the right one.
You can also just choose to use a pom pom or a marker to mark the correct answer.

I have included a fun moving/motion/action printable on page 105.
You can use these by cutting the pieces and turning them over on the table.
Pick a card and do the action. It is not necessary to use these but I thought it might
be fun if you choose to use them 

The emotion cards on page 103 and 104 can also be brought out if your child is feeling
a certain emotion but he/she doesn’t know how to express it. These cards may help
in expressing how he or she may be feeling and they can learn more about themselves. 

Page 13-14 are pattern match activities. The pieces to figure out the pattern are on page 83. Enjoy! 

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


Tip: Practice colors, fine motor skills by using the grids for children’s
scissor practice and more..

What other fun ways can you think of using these?

For more fun play to learn printable’s, please visit:
You will get a PDF (47MB) file