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Delinking, Relinking, and Linking Writing and Rhetorics

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Delinking, Relinking, and Linking Writing and Rhetorics: Inventions and Interventions of the Sirijanga Syllabary

Marohang Khawahang Limbu’s groundbreaking research traces invention, intervention, and reinvention of the Sirijanga writing system, Himalayan Indigenous writing, and rhetorics. Employing his own “delinking, relinking, and linking methodology” and ethnohistorical research methodology, Limbu outlines the ignored and forgotten historical development of Himalayan Yakthung Indigenous writing and rhetorics. In this book, Limbu precisely aims to trace the development of Himalayan Indigenous writing and rhetorics by offering concise methods and/or approaches, such as how to research and digitally document less explored, taught, and even less discussed language/s, writing, performative rhetorics, and oral-performance-based rhetorics. Methodologically, the author demonstrates how to critically and analytically study, analyze, and interpret Indigenous Mundhums, historical artifacts, archeological sites/materials, and Indigenous customary institutional practices and provide solid theoretical, philosophical, and historical frameworks.
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