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PRE-ORDER The Vedora Key: Friven Empire Book 2 (Releases 12 July 2023)

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Kayla Vedora
of the Berwar nomads lives in the Outerlands of the Friven Empire. Freed during the rebellion, she maintains a solitary existence mining for rare gems. That is until she finds herself captured by a strange species and imprisoned in the catacombs beneath a hidden city. To make matters worse, detained alongside her is a large Ingenian male and natural enemy of her people. His striking indigo eyes and markings on his chest seem strange yet familiar. Even more disturbing is how intense he becomes when he glimpses the birthmark on her shoulder. Her one thought is to escape and place as much distance between her and her growly inmate.

For years Jorben, 'The Jaded' King of the barbaric Ingens, has avoided searching for his soulbond queen. He embarks on a mission for Emperor Caleb Z'dreki (Book 1) to avoid the unwanted attention of relentless mate-minded females when a species long thought extinct captures him. Imagine his surprise when his queen is marched straight into his prison cell. Not only is she Berwaran and unimpressed by him, she also bears the ancient mark of the Key. His one thought is to escape, and when he does, he is taking her with him.

Content Warning: Brawny alpha males, feisty heroines packing heat, an ancient mystery, and frivolous entertainment. Not suitable for persons under 18. It contains mature content.
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