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Twisted Devil Signed Paperback

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Twisted Devil
Vicious Vipers MC 4

An obsessive, kinky devil. A woman broken by her past. One twisted plan to possess … and heal.

Hacking is my specialty, extortion my means of keeping the Vicious Vipers MC in the money. I’m a devil who thrives on forcing sinners to atone for their corrupt ways since the one who damaged my soul escaped punishment.
When a battered, too-young woman shows up at our club searching for sanctuary, finding a way through her walls becomes my obsession. She ties my stomach in knots—and I know she’ll be the key to unraveling them.
My plan to possess her abides by the law, but my thirst for her torments my restraint. I’ll risk it all to show her she has worth, to claim her as my property.
She believes she’s tainted. Stained.
I’ll move heaven and hell to make her see we can be beautifully broken—together.

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