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I’m Elite Escort’s shibari master—but I’m no sadist. I love sending a client flying, finding comfort in my ropes. Some view my form of play as an act of domination, but I see it as a way to offer an escape.

Childhood trauma honed my intuition, making me notice what others easily miss.

When a curvy sub, leashed and cowering behind a man playing Dom, visit the club I frequent, my protective instincts kick in.

Faced with an opportunity to reveal to Becky what a real D/s relationship is supposed to look like, I take on the challenge. I observe more while binding her in my ropes—bruises she attempts to hide behind her lowered head and long hair.

She’s a battered and broken spirit worn down by years of abuse—the same as my mom had been. I refuse to let her meet the same fate, but for the first time, it’s my hands that are tied.

While I long to help Becky break free, it’s up to her to find the courage to take control—before it’s too late.

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